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While creating sustainable jewellery for a greener future is vital to our vision, we’re also passionate about repurposing the exquisite pieces already available to us. That’s where The Vintage Collection comes in, combining a contemporary desire for rarity with the classic luxury of an age gone by


Every vintage piece we stock undergoes a rigorous process of authentication to ensure our highest standards are met. Our in-house experts and authentication partners work together to analyse specialisms of hallmarking and signing to promise legitimacy with every sale


By collaborating with independent and globally renowned specialists and appraisers, we are able to offer certification on all pieces as part of our vintage service. With every purchase, you’ll receive a detailed background of your jewellery and its story so far


To offer the best service possible to our clientele, every vintage purchase is shipped to your door, free of charge. If you decide your selected piece isn’t for you or another issue arises, we’ll cover the costs for a safe return to our studio

Vintage houses

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Looking for something specific or need a piece authenticated?

Our team of expert sourcing specialists and authenticators will work tirelessly to ensure we have something for all needs covering the current icons to the rarest of collectables

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Our Try-at-Home Jewellery Box is a way to explore and discover pieces curated for you, with any outfit in your wardrobe in your own time and place