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Vintage jewellery carries meaning between every stone, every link and every clasp – it’s exclusive, expressive and always has a story to tell. The Auverture Vintage Collection brings classic pieces of the past into a contemporary forum, curating some of the rarest designs from the world’s biggest jewellery houses in one place. Quality, artistry and authenticity mean everything to us. That’s why each unique piece is carefully authenticated by our in-house experts and certified by an independent authority


When Auverture started, our mission was simple. We would discover and source the most distinctive Fine Jewellery from creative designers all over the world. Driven by a belief that less is more, we commit to the pieces that will exist as heirlooms and define generations to come.

While creating sustainable jewellery for a better future is vital to our vision, we are very passionate about highlighting the exquisite pieces already amongst us. That’s where The Vintage Collection comes in, combining a contemporary desire for rarity with the classic luxury of an age gone by

Why Invest in

Vintage Fine Jewellery

There is something undeniably powerful about jewellery from another era – it’s captivating and unique with a story to tell. By purchasing a piece from the past, we become the next chapter of its sparkling history and can continue its legacy for generations to come. 

Highlighting influential and collectable vintage jewellery not only enhances the versatility of your personal collection – it’s also a sustainable investment in the future of our planet. Mix and match with your favourite contemporary pieces and create a style that’s completely yours


The stars of our vintage collection were created by teams of highly-skilled artisans, a whole community of designers, technical artists, stone carvers, setters and enamelers. In the past, jewellers would often apprentice for decades before mastering the art of creation and working independently.

To own a piece of vintage is to own a piece of history, capturing the essence of creativity, exceptional quality and stylistic expression from eras gone by


The demand for Vintage Fine Jewellery grows by the day. With a limited supply, this means the prices will increase, like we have seen in the Vintage Fine Watches market. Making a vintage piece a worthy addition to your personal collection. Repurposing the treasures of the past and enjoying them in the present also means we take less from the Earth’s bank of natural resources

Our promise to you


Sourcing and curation is what makes our collection unique. Our in-house experts and network partners source rare and collectable vintage pieces from some of the world’s most important jewellery houses and influential creators of the 20th Century. We always look for quality, rarity but also wearability. As a result, we are able to offer you exclusivity and vintage rare finds


Every piece is carefully authenticated by our vintage team. We check the hallmarks, maker’s marks and style elements of each piece of jewellery. All to make sure you buy a genuine piece. By collaborating with independent specialists for certification, we can guarantee you are buying an authentic piece of Vintage Fine Jewellery


Our vintage team are happy to advise you on the pieces worth investing in, how to style vintage with contemporary pieces or what eras, match your style. We offer complimentary in-studio or virtual appointments for you to discover more about our vintage rare finds, at a time that suits you

Meet the curators

  • Bibi van der Velden

    Creative Director of Auverture

    Jeweller and sculptor Bibi van der Velden was born in New York, and had a peripatetic, artistic upbringing between The Netherlands and the English countryside. After training in sculpture at The Florence Academy of Arts, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, she decided to turn her attention to creating art of the wearable variety, launching her jewellery line in 2006. As Auverture’s creative director and curator, she’s passionate about curating bold, artistically innovative and often unexpected collections to our global clientele

  • Esmée Sanders

    Vintage Expert

    Vintage expert Esmée Sanders has honed her knowledge of Contemporary and Vintage Fine Jewellery over the past decade, along with acquiring a master's degree in art history and gemmology. Esmée has worked across the globe for some of the biggest contemporary, vintage and antique showrooms, she has developed a trusted and expert eye for rarity and craftsmanship within the luxury Fine Jewellery space

Looking for a specific vintage piece or in need of authentication?

Our team of sourcing specialists and authenticators will work tirelessly to ensure we find what you are looking for