Credit: Photographed at Sutio Patina


At Auverture we are proud that all of the pieces we stock for both vintage and contemporary are crafted to the highest quality. We know that sometimes small repairs or alterations might be needed if you love to wear your piece frequently, we are always happy to assist no matter how big or small the care or repair

We are always happy to assist with repairs or alterations of your most loved pieces

Credit: Photographed at Studio Patina

Why Choose

Our Repair Service


Simply get in touch with our customer care team and we will ship, repair and return the piece as quickly as possible


We pride ourselves on working with certified goldsmiths who will repair your piece to the highest standards


Thanks to our secure shipping partners, all jewellery transportation is safe and insured and Auverture will cover the costs

How it works

Speak to Our Experts

Whether you’re seeking an alteration or need advice about a repair, our friendly customer care team are always on hand to help. Get in touch through our website to find the service that suits you best

Post Your Treasure

Next, simply send your piece to us and we’ll do the rest. To carry out repairs or alterations, we’ll send you a shipping label and arrange a collection in line with your availability. The cost of this service will depend on the type of repair and status of your warranty – ask our support team for more details

Trust the process & Enjoy Your Jewellery

When you entrust us with your jewellery, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing it’s in safe hands. Every step of the process is managed with care and precision, and our experienced team will repair, alter or resize to meet your exact requirements. Once your service has been carried out, we will ship the piece back to your address using our safe and secure delivery partners. It really is that simple

Types of repairs


If you notice any damage such as a broken clasp or safety lock, you should contact us immediately so we can have our experts examine the item and send it to our repair partners. Fixing your piece is our priority and we’ll make sure to return your jewellery as soon as possible.

If this happens within the first year after purchasing your piece, the service will be free of charge


We understand that accidents can happen, so if your piece is missing a stone or has suffered heavy scratches, please contact our customer care team. Our experts will evaluate the damages and propose a solution, as well as a comprehensive quote

Get help from our team of experts

Do you need any assistance regarding resizing, cleaning & polishing or repairs?

Get in touch with our experts so they can help you in the best possible way

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our support team and they will guide you. You will have to send it over to us and we will resize your ring in no time.

You can mix a few drops of detergent free soap with warm water. One piece at a time, soak it and the use a very soft brush to lightly clean each piece.

By contacting our support team, which will locate your purchase and claim your warranty for you.

We understand how frustrating this can be, please contact our support team so that we can see how we’re able to help you. We sell most of our earrings as singles so probably can help out