Bespoke jewellery that tells your story

Have you always dreamed of creating a one-of-a-kind piece in collaboration with your favourite designer? Maybe you need an exceptional creation to mark a transformative milestone?

At Auverture, we are pleased to offer an exclusive bespoke service that puts your vision at the forefront of our jewellery design. On this incredibly exciting and personal journey, we’ll support you to find the perfect designer who will then craft a distinctive piece inspired by your story

Why Choose Bespoke?

Jewellery isn’t just an accessory – it’s a powerful instrument that tells our unique story and shows the world who we are. Our bespoke service gives you the chance to channel your imagination, creativity and style into a piece of jewellery brought to life by you. Your finished design will encapsulate a journey that’s entirely yours, no matter what the meaning or symbolism behind it

How it works

Tell us what you have in mind

We’ll set up an appointment to discuss the direction you wish your piece to take, supported by Auverture’s dedicated in-house experts. You’ll work with the designer to conceptualise the elements that should be incorporated and how they’ll fit together, including specific stones, type of gold and birthstones. You’ll also discuss whether the piece will be original or based on an existing item, plus sizes, budget and timeline for creation

Production starts

Your designer will be given some time to create some initial sketches which will then be presented to you for thoughts and feedback. Once you’ve agreed how the final piece should look, production will begin and you’ll receive updates every step of the way. At this stage, you can make suggestions for minimal tweaks or adjustments such as making a stone slightly smaller. At this point, you’ll also receive a date for completion


When your unique piece is finished, the Auverture team will carry out hallmarking and photography, as well as creating a book of the process. This will include documentation of each design step, plus a personalised message from your designer. A final appointment will be scheduled with you for the ultimate reveal or the piece will be shipped securely to your address

Make Your Unique Mark

During this process, you’ll get the chance to speak directly with your chosen designer, embarking on creative discussions to achieve your desired outcome. These sessions can take place in person (depending on your location), or we can arrange for a virtual appointment instead. From personally selecting stones and precious metals to collaborating directly on form, symbolism and message, this is the ultimate opportunity to create a transformational piece of jewellery.

Once the foundations for your design have been established, you will be kept updated with conceptual sketches and images as your piece begins to take shape. Your bespoke creation can be entirely original, or we can restore and rework a family heirloom to breathe new life into your treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

To book a bespoke service, get in contact with us so that we can contact the designer you wish to collaborate with and start the process.

During the appointment wth the designer, you will simply explain what is it that you wish your piece to represent and look likeand decide to guether with the designer on all aspects of the piece, this includes the design and materials it wil include.

yes, we will contact you on all updates provided during the process of crafting your bespoke piece so that you can follow its development and make sure everything is according to your vision.

This may depend on both yours and the designers availability, as well as the complexity and materials needed to build the bespoke piece.