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We believe that Fine Jewellery tells a story, not just about your style but who you are. Our platform showcases remarkable jewellery for remarkable people - creating the ultimate destination for artistic expression and influential creativity. We are passionate about Fine Jewellery and we aim to disrupt, re-define and elevate your jewellery box

"Jewellery is like the perfect spice, It always compliments what's already there"

Diane von Furstenberg

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At Auverture, we are transforming the way you shop for Fine Jewellery. Our Try-at-Home Jewellery Box is a way to explore and discover pieces curated for you, with any outfit in your wardrobe in your own time and place

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Meet our Founder Bibi Van Der Velden

We want our platform to bring together the visions, dreams and best work of independent designers and Maisons from all over the world; to celebrate what sets us apart and inspire with jewellery that makes the everyday extraordinary.

Read our founder’s story to find out where it all began and discover her vision for the future of Fine Jewellery


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