Marie Mas

French jewellery designer Marie Caribou – who designs under the label Marie Mas (a name taken from her maternal grandmother) – creates beautifully intriguing pieces that stand out for their playful, transformative quality. Since launching her line in 2017, she’s become known for designs crafted in 18kt rose gold, set with scores of stones in tones of pink and blue, with settings that are fashioned to move, so the wearer can choose which shade to reveal.

Background story

About the designer

Marie, who is based in Paris, produces her jewellery collections in Mumbai, India, with many of the vibrant stones she works with sourced in Jaipur. Among the pink-toned stones are African amethysts, Brazilian amethysts, pink amethysts, and pink quartz, while the blue stones are composed of London blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz, sky blue topaz and blue moon quartz.

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Why we curated this designer

In some designs the wearer can change how the piece is worn to show the different colours of stones, while others move as the wearer does, resulting in a striking, mercurial look. The moving designs are partly inspired by Marie’s love of deep sea diving, and the swaying movements of the glowing plankton that illuminate the ocean by night. Among the collection’s standout pieces are the Swinging Choker, set with over 400 stones in tones of pink and blue, while the Dancing Cuff makes a statement, set with three rows of stones that “dance” in their articulated settings, as the wearer moves their arm. Marie honed her craft working for three years with Raf Simons during his time at Dior, creating designs for the Dior Joaillerie collection. Before this, the designer had studied at two Parisian creative institutions – the École Duperré College of Art, Design and Fashion, and the Institut Français de la Mode. “I am looking for movement, poetry in the mechanism’s complexity,” says Marie of her work. “I love to bring a touch of magic to my jewels.”