Cartier is a house that’s synonymous with iconic fine jewellery. Its timeless designs span ornate, figurative pieces inspired by the animal kingdom and the natural world, through to spare, graphic creations such as the torque necklaces and bold bangles that the house designed in the 70s and 80s. Since its beginnings in 1847, the house has led the way in fine jewellery design. Among its icons are the delicately ornate tiaras that the house created in the early 20th century. Cartier’s famous Halo Tiara, commissioned by Britain’s King George VI for his wife and set with a constellation of brilliant and round-cut diamonds, went on to be worn by Kate Middleton at her 2011 wedding to Prince William.

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Taking a bold, modern turn, another star of Cartier’s is its Panthère collection, a creation driven by Jeanne Toussaint, whose relationship with the house dates from 1913. There, Toussaint pioneered Cartier’s animal-inspired deigns, alongside the house’s colourful, India-influenced jewellery, prompted by her travels to the country

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While creating sustainable jewellery for a greener future is vital to our vision, we’re also passionate about repurposing the exquisite pieces already available to us. That’s where The Vintage Collection comes in, combining a contemporary desire for rarity with the classic luxury of an age gone by


Every piece of jewellery in the vintage collection has a story to tell, passed down through generations before arriving on your doorstep – ready for a brand new chapter


Through a rigorous process of authentication carried out by our knowledgeable team and advisors, each piece is fully certified and approved by Auverture’s Stamp of Truth


Our in-house experts are dedicated to sourcing only the most exclusive vintage fine jewellery from across the globe, working with specialist partners to discover only the best


By repurposing pieces from the past and curating them for the contemporary world, we can minimise production and honour the power of vintage versatility

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In 1969, Cartier’s Love Bracelet, adorned with hardware details and designed by Aldo Cipullo, made its debut. This timeless design quickly gained notoriety as it required a special screwdriver to take it on and off – a nod to its symbolism of everlasting love – with this detail also establishing the bracelet as fine jewellery that could be worn every day, with a casual air

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