Auverture United

In March 2020, when COVID-19 hit the world, we launched Auverture United as an initiative to provide financial support for independent designers. This initiative was so well received that we decided to then think about new ways to build on the project over the coming months and created a series of limited-edition #Auvertureunited bracelets. Our first three drops have been a success and we are very proud to be able to provide concrete and sustained support to our design community. The Rainbow Impact Initiative will continue to launch product over the festive season and into 2021. We ask you all to shop with purpose!

Background story

About Auverture United

Our ambition is to make long term impact.

The heart-warming reaction to Auverture United made us decide to take this initiative a step further, looking for a way to make an impact over the longer term.

We envisage that Auverture United will ultimately become a platform for true collaboration in creative fine jewellery, to unlock the full potential of this art. Auverture United will become a curated, formalised coalition that shares knowledge and resources and works towards shared goals such as safeguarding traditional crafts and sustainability.

How we curate our

contemporary designers


Every designer we showcase at Auverture has a signature, defined by the recognisable style and knowledge that sets them apart from the rest


We believe jewellery tells a story, not just about your style but about who you are. That’s why our curators build collections that speak to the past, present and future of influential design


Creating jewellery is an artform and we’re committed to celebrating that. Each piece we curate is technically exceptional, crafted with expertise, skill and creativity


As a platform looking to the future, it’s important that all of our designers align with our eco-conscious mission. As a result, the pieces we curate are always purposeful and always ethical


How can you help?

We don’t say it enough, but since Auverture’s beginning, we have been so thankful for our strong community of customers and followers. Your support is key and we wish more than anything to give you the opportunity to become an actor on our journey.

We will use as hub and fund Auverture United through drawing 10% of all sales. In the meantime, all proceeds from the forthcoming Auverture United Rainbow bracelets will be allocated to the Auverture United platform.

Whether through the dedicated Rainbow bracelet collection, or through the funds drawn from Auverture’s profits, all purchases made on Auverture will ultimately contribute to creating a sustainable fine jewellery industry.