Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini’s jewellery represents a melting pot of global influences. Based in London, the Central Saint Martins-trained jeweller has her designs hand crafted in Jaipur, India, by artisans who are expert in the meenakari enamelling technique. This practice, which originated in Persia before becoming established in Jaipur, sees vibrant enamel colors infused into engraved gold jewellery

Background story

About the designer

In the case of Alice’s designs, delicate leaf and floral patterns are etched into the gold in vibrant shades of enamel, which is made from a mixture of pigmented glass and metal. Alice takes inspiration for the patterns from a host of art and design elements, from Japanese kimonos to Italy’s Memphis Group of designers

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Unique, statement stones are another dazzling feature of Alice’s work, from hand-carved polki diamonds, with their charmingly irregular surfaces, to green chrysoprase, green and pink tourmalines and grey South Sea pearls. 

Among Alice’s signature designs are the Jodhpur Miniature Leaf Ring, etched with a green leaf enamel pattern that’s inspired by a painting she found amongst the Jodhpur royal family’s collection, with a dazzling emerald at its centre. And the designer’s series of Memphis Candy Rings – inspired by the Italian design movement that emerged in the 80’s – have their 18-carat yellow gold bands striped with enamel colours, and are set with colourful tourmalines and iolites. 

Exuberant and magical – and with a very human touch – Alice Cicolini’s designs are true head-turners