Bibi van der Velden

Mini Scarab Gold Fly Wing Stud

Mini Scarab Gold Fly Wing Stud


Taking flight with its stunning gold wings, this elegant mini scarab stud is fashioned in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver. Embellished with brown diamonds and Tsavorite, this delicately crafted earring makes a subtle yet striking statement.


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The Scarab Collection - Nature’s Jewels

Real scarab beetle wings that shimmer and catch the light are the focal point of the elegantly intriguing Scarab Collection, which reimagines these insects as beautiful adornments. The wings are taken from beetles that are eaten in Thailand, a country where the insects are considered a delicacy. Always seeking to work with sustainable materials, Bibi takes the discarded wings and transforms them into regal pieces of jewellery. With the scarab wings adorning rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the wings’ ever-changing colours mean they’re eternally enchanting as jewels.

Scarab beetles have been prized as auspicious symbols reaching back to Ancient Egyptian times, with Bibi’s Scarab Collection a stylish, contemporary interpretation of this insect’s protective, talismanic qualities.

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13mm length, 12mm width, 4mm depth

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- 18K Yellow Gold,
- Sterling Silver
- Brown Diamond
- Tsavorite


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