A Lookback at 2021

A Lookback at 2021

A Lookback at 2021

From a growing designer collective, new category launches, nearly doubling in team size, exhibiting around the world and much more.

We’ve made big changes to our business and continue to evolve with our customer’s needs and our goals for a more responsible industry.
We are taking a look back at 2021.

Auverture was delighted to start the year by introducing and launching the Auverture Jewellery Box.

A hand-picked selection for each customer and curated by Auverture provides the real-world luxury jewellery experience from the comfort and safety of home. Users keep what they want and simply send back the rest.

The try-at-home Jewellery box service enabled us to sell our products through a new and innovative sales channel. This has enabled us to bring mobility to our design community proving to show great return and customer satisfaction.

Until now, The Auverture Jewellery Box is one of the most successful services we offer to our clients, delivering to them a luxurious and personalised online and offline experience.

Auverture x Bibi Van Der Velden Valentine’s event: Find the perfect gift for your loved one through magical rose quartz stones and rose petals showers. 
Paradise Lost event: Paradise Lost Summer event was all about embarking on a journey to paradise and venturing into our bejewelled Garden of Eden. Jewellery displayed embodied everything life has to offer with all its darkest secrets and pleasures alike. 
Fine Vintage Jewellery: As a contemporary fine jewellery collective, at Auverture we strive to be accessible, transparent, and inclusive. It’s also our mission to unite individuals through fine jewellery to make a world of difference. In 2021 we are thrilled to have launched the Auverture Vintage Fine Jewellery collection, bringing these original items back to life. With this collection, we emphasise our commitment to a responsible luxury industry as well as celebrating the history, passion and craftsmanship that went into each of these pieces.

Featuring vintage finds from the world’s most historic luxury jewellery brands spanning the 40s, 50s, and all the way up to the 90s.
Noor Fares x Auverture: This year we also announced the latest capsule collection in the Auverture United series. The collection was launched, to coincide with the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice. A collaboration between designer Noor fares and Auverture’s Founder and Creative Director Bibi Van Der Velden.

At the centre of each of the pieces within the stunning collection is rock crystal. The stone is said to clear and amplify one’s energy, allowing those who wear it to connect with their intentions.
In July we incorporated the NFC Tag into our Jewellery Box: When it comes to customer experience, NFC tags enable luxury brands to join the dots from the offline world and the online. For this reason, this year, at Auverture we decided to introduce the NFC tag to the Auverture jewellery box.

Our customers are able to enjoy the real-world luxury experience in their own homes by receiving a hand-picked and personally curated jewellery box. The NFC tag in the box itself opens up at Auverture digital world to marry in-person and digital customer experience.
Throughout August and September, we had the pleasure to host many events in London, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong. A special thanks to all our partners for hosting us, De L’europe (NL), The Hari Hotel (UK), Nomad Hotel (UK) and La Distillerie (PT). For the amazing flowers and service Grandirosa (UK) and Wunderkammer (NL).
Piercing Party: September 9th and 10th saw us opening the doors of the Amsterdam Auverture Gallery to host the Auverture x Bibi van Der Velden Piercing Party. A special thanks to our expert ear stylist Joe, who curated our clients with fresh and strategically placed piercings.
Trip to the moon: For our annual Auverture x Bibi Van Der Velden Christmas event we were delighted to bring our clients on a trip to the moon, discovering the best fine jewellery our universe has to offer.

Featuring fine jewellery from the world’s leading vintage houses and new collections from our contemporary designer collective. 
This Year at Auverture we were able to introduce 9 more designers to our contemporary designer collective, including Viltier, Van Gelder, Kika Alvarenga, WWAKE, Bia Tambelli, Stephen Webster, Quore and last but not least, Auverture Vintage.

Our team doubled in size and we reached our record year in terms of revenues. Alongside an ever-growing list of global partnerships and brand collaborations.

We look forward to sharing some big news in the coming months of our goals for 2022 and who we will be working with.

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